Someone brought to my attention that I haven’t continued to be very verbal about our move to Haiti later this year since our original announcement. And honestly, I feel like that was just a few days ago! We have been living life in our little corner of the world here in Lafayette, Louisiana and seem to stay busy just trying to keep our head above water. Sometimes we are living so fast and so furious that I forget to stop to reflect and update you all on what is going on and how these days are preparing us for what is ahead.  While this season of transition is difficult and overwhelming… exciting and terrifying… lonely and uncomfortable…. without it, we would be ill-equipped to follow through with the call to live + love in Haiti. 

The first of our transitions has been my transition from a full-time Labor & Delivery nurse guaranteed 36 hours a week and benefits to a per diem position so that I can pursue my clinical practicum for nurse midwifery full-time! This transition happened this week as I am preparing to spend a week in Kentucky at Frontier Nursing University! I will be joining some amazing women from around the country to learn/perfect skills that I will use in the clinical setting.  Once I return from Kentucky, I will start my clinical rotation at Oschner Medical Center in Baton Rouge. I’m incredibly thankful for this opportunity to learn from seasoned nurse midwives!

Up until now, we have been cramming our heads full of knowledge in hopes that we will retain it for the days that we will be in our clinical settings putting this knowledge into action! All of this coming together is what will equip me to care for women, babies, and their families safely.  So to say that I am excited to have made it this far is an understatement!!!! 

Phoebe and I will also be making a quick trip to Haiti the first week of March!!! :) We will be making some decisions regarding where Phoebe will go to school, visiting with dear friends and family, and I will be attending a birth conference in Petion-Ville. I attended this conference last year and am excited to be a continued part of the conversation surrounding maternal health in Haiti.

Financial Update: Thanks to your generosity, we have raised $1,955 that will go towards our “Getting There” costs!!!  I am continually blown away at the generosity of our family and friends--we could never dream of living + loving + serving in Haiti without your support.  Thank you!!!

We would appreciate your prayers as we get ready for a very busy month! Some specifics:

- Pray for Phoebe’s heart (and mine too) as we are separated for 8 days as I travel to Kentucky

- Pray for a clear mind and understanding as I practice skills that will be essential to my practice as a nurse midwife

- Pray for us as we adjust to a new schedule (school drop-off & pick-up, my new clinical schedule, and changes to our daily routine in general)

- Pray for us as we continue to seek wisdom and guidance for our transition to Haiti later this year

- Pray for us as we raise the remaining $23,045 in “Getting There” costs and grow a team of monthly partners who believe in the work we will be doing in Haiti.